Roermond’s Gemeentehuis

Facade Competiton | Netherlands

proposal for the Euramax factory façade takes an icon of the town in which the factory sits – Roermond Gemeentehuis – and abstracts it to establish a connection between the factory on the outskirts and the thriving heart of the city, demarcated by the town hall and market. Interestingly, the scale and proportion of the Euramax factory façade are almost identical to the scale and proportion of the town hall. By superimposing the town hall’s geometry and extrapolating and extruding it through the substantial length of the factory, the proposed façade image simultaneously represents the composition of the town hall façade and that of the factory floor. This geometric collage binds the factory to the city, and creates a dynamic image giving the illusion of great depth [both spatial and metaphorical] to those who experience it.