roofless integument

Charlotte | North Carolina

The seam between two under-served urban neighborhoods in Charlotte is Parkwood Avenue, a heavily traveled spine connecting North Davidson and the Plaza. The roofless building at Parkwood and Pegram has the potential to reactivate this spine. Interventions into this structure provide a means of re-inhabiting the site and engaging in a dialogue with the community. The vision for the roofless building is to create a temporary arts space that would encourage interaction between local artists and residents of these neighborhoods. The architectural intent is to provide partially protected but unconditioned space for sporadic arts and music events. The objective for the semester was to design, fabricate, and install a canopy, tested through an arts and music event.

This project was published in GROUND UP Issue 01: Landscapes of Uncertainty.

with Chris Campbell, Aaron Cote, Paul Koska, James Mattison, Zac Porter, and Charlotte Whitlock