Austin | Texas


[con]temporary is a temporal, mobile gallery space designed to be specifically altered for each exhibit that calls it home. Constructed primarily of straw bales, these ‘building blocks’ allow the actual footprint of the gallery to vary in order to accommodate each exhibit. Depending on the requirements of each exhibit, bales can either be included or excluded to achieve the desired space/ configuration. Once an exhibition has ended, the bales can be unsecured, swept up, and the steel frame system can be flat-packed and moved to a new location. Such continual flux defines the gallery space as having an identity of both flexibility and temporality.

The gallery, twenty feet in length, is enclosed by two sides which are broken down into six modules each. If more space is required within the gallery, the bales forming each of these modules can be displaced an additional distance on either side of the gallery, allowing for more pedestrian viewing space or additional space for sculpture installation. The configuration for each show would ideally be decided upon before the installation of the gallery, but alterations to the form can be made at a moment’s notice, as the removal+displacement of bales are manageable by a single user.

with Liz Richardson