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Södermalm, our home for the three weeks that we’ve been in Stockholm, has been a great taste of true urban living.  It is a large, densely-populated island just to the south of the island of Gamla Stan (Old Town).  The highly traveled Slussen interchange connects the two via bridges for automobiles, trains, bikes and pedestrians,  and a lock which separates lake Mälaren from the Baltic Sea.  Slussen, a major hub for the tunnelbana system, is also a source of citybikes.  Each morning we have been able to grab a citybike and ride all over the city, exploring various neighborhoods while seeking out post-industrial artifacts.  Södermalm itself was once a working class neighborhood with a number of industrial facilities, including breweries and textile mills, along the north waterfront.  Massive cliffs separate the industrial areas from the housing above, providing fantastic views back to the center of Stockholm.  stockholm-2764

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